The 12 Step Guide to Being Confident at Work

Free Career Advice Report

In this report, you will discover: 

  • Why workplace confidence is critical to your performance and wellbeing
  • The 12 benefits of building your confidence
  • How to increase your confidence at work
  • Why changing your mindset is the key to future success

Using Your ServiceNow Recruiter to Transform Your Career

Free Career Advice Report for Jobseekers

In this report, you will discover: 

  • The Growth Mindset ‘Hack’ that Will Accelerate Your Career
  • How to Write Your ServiceNow Career Outline
  • The Critical Questions to Ask To Check You Are Working With The Right ServiceNow Recruiter
  • 5 Ways A Sector Recruiter Can Help Your Career

How to Excel in your first 30 days in your new company

Free Report for Jobseekers

In this report, you will discover: 

  • Why the first 30 days in a new role are crucial for your career
  • The 4-step plan to guarantee your success
  • Why the A-word is crucial to your ongoing success
  • How to avoid the classic mistakes that many new recruits make

How to ask for a payrise

Free Report for Employees

In this report, you will discover:

  • How to determine if you should ask for a payrise
  • Preparing to Ask for a Pay Rise: Where to Begin
  • What to Say In Your Salary Meeting
  • How To Ask For A Payrise and Get It
  • Next Steps if The Answer is No

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