Partnering with The Process Play to Secure an ‘Absolute Superstar’ within a Month

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About the process play

About The Process Play

As a leading provider of employee workflow technology solutions, The Process Play leverages ServiceNow technology to enhance organisational efficiency and employee performance. With a need to expand their technical team to support growing demands, they turned to Linking Humans, the #1 ServiceNow recruitment agency, to source top-tier ServiceNow talent.


Rapid Recruitment: Securing an ‘absolute superstar’ candidate within one month.

Efficiency in Hiring: Saving time and money in the candidate sea.

Deep Market Insight: Expert knowledge of the ServiceNow community helps Linking Humans identify, attract and connect you with the best in the business.



Client: The Process Play


Location: Birmingham, UK


Tier: Registered


Requirement: ServiceNow Lead Technical Consultant

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The challenge:

After organically growing through their existing networks, The Process Play faced the challenge of finding specialised technical resources essential for expanding their ServiceNow practice.

The requirement was not only for skilled professionals but for individuals who could integrate seamlessly into the company’s culture and contribute to its long-term objectives.

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The  solution

The solution:

Linking Humans was initially contacted by The Process Play during the early stages of setting up their ServiceNow practice.

Through ongoing communication and engagement, including catchups and interactions on LinkedIn, a strong relationship was created.

When The Process Play needed to accelerate its hiring process, they reached out to Linking Humans for their expertise.

The results

Linking Humans successfully placed an ‘absolute superstar’ candidate who was not only a technical fit but also a potential ‘cornerstone for (The Process Play’s)’ future growth.

This placement was a result of deep market understanding and extensive networking within the ServiceNow community. The collaboration has continued to flourish, focusing on acquiring more high-caliber ServiceNow candidates like the initial successful hire

About the process play

Standout moments

A particularly noteworthy moment in this collaboration was when a candidate, initially secured by Linking Humans, received a counteroffer from their current employer.

Farrah from Linking Humans ‘almost instantly found a top-quality replacement’ who was ‘an absolute gem of a find.’ They were also available sooner than anticipated, demonstrating our agility and commitment to client success.


Alex Reilly-Jones


Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer, The Process Play

The ‘friendly and proactive support in finding talent’ from Linking Humans has been pivotal in expanding The Process Play’s team. ‘[Linking Humans] understands the market and [are] well connected, which increases the regularity of quality candidates being sent over to us.’ This encapsulates the satisfaction our clients feel with our tailored services. Furthermore, the impact of our collaboration extends beyond mere placements; ‘[Linking Humans] helped us bring in an absolute superstar who will hopefully be a cornerstone of our business for a long time, and we are now collaborating on finding more candidates of a similar quality.’

Find out how we can help you locate the world’s smartest and skilled ServiceNow Professionals

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